TEL (Main number) 06-6774-5111
zip.543-8555 / 5-30 Fudegasakicho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
TEL (Main number) 06-6774-5111
zip.543-8555 5-30 Fudegasakicho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka

Outpatient Visit Procedure

Patients visiting the hospital for the first time

Returning patients

Payment of Medical Fees

Payment methods

The Osaka Red Cross Hospital accepts cash and credit cards only. Debit cards and electronic funds are not accepted.

Paying by credit card
  • Some deposits and other payments cannot be made by credit card.
  • The hospital accepts VISA, MasterCard, JCB, UC, American Express, Diner’s Club, Discover, and UnionPay cards.
  • Payment can be made in a lump sum, in installments, or as revolving payments.
  • To pay by credit card at the Automated Payment Machine, you must enter your credit card’s 4-digit PIN code.
    Please confirm your PIN code and spending limits before using your credit card.
  • Credit cards lacking the holder’s signature on the back will not be accepted.
Where you can pay

You can pay at the following locations. Please have your patient ID card ready at the time of payment.

Main Building, 2nd floor
Payment Counter No. 6 (Weekdays 8:30-18:00)
Automated Payment Machine (Weekdays 8:30-16:30)

Note: Payment Counter No. 6 on the 2nd floor of the main building is often crowded. We suggest using an Automated Payment Machine.

Main Building 1st floor
Emergency Department Reception Counter (Weekdays 18:00-8:30. Open all day on holidays.)


Due to accounting and tax management regulations, receipts cannot be re-issued. If you need your receipts for tax filing of medical expenses, keep them in a safe place. The hospital cannot respond to inquiries and requests for evidence of payment beyond the preceding five years.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact:

Accounting Staff, Medical Care Assistance Office
Phone: 06-6774-5111
Monday–Friday 08:30–17:00
(Excluding holidays, the New Year holiday period, and other days when the hospital is closed.)